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Dezhou XingLong Leather Products Co.Ltd.
Dezhou Xing long leather products Co., Ltd. is located in the geographical position of Dezhou City. The company was founded in 2009.After 8 years of development and accumulation, the company has ushered in great-leap-forward development. Therefore, an annual output of 2 million items of cattle leather was built in the Lingxian County Development Zone of  Dezhou City in 2013
The project covers an area of more than 200 mu with a construction area of 75000 square meters, a registered capital of  200 million yuan, 180 million yuan of fixed assets and more than 600 employeesProduct categories cover white wet leather, blue wet leather, shoe upper leather, case leather and sofa leather, etc.At present, our company has become the main strategic supplier of many brands of shoe upper leather and automobile upholstery leather at home and abroad.
Since its inception, the company has increased investment in hardware and software facilities and equipment updatesIt has invested 120 million yuan to introduce the world's most advanced production equipment,There are large tannery wastewater treatment centers, advanced physical and chemical testing laboratories and leather technology research centers. Each process is tested by standard measuring instruments and standardized control is adopted in the production process Meanwhile our company continuously increase the intensity of new product development and introduce advanced production technology in the industry,Over the years,  the company has committed to the construction of qualified personnel. So there has a top management team and technology research and development team, which is able to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of management and technical personnel to meet the various requirements of customers.Meanwhile the company adopts imported chemical raw materials and advanced tanning technology to produce to provide customers with the best quality products.
Dezhou Xing long leather products company uses scientific management methods and advanced management concepts ,which has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and the British leather technology center LWG gold medal certification,Enterprises constantly improve themselves and constantly improve the overall quality of the enterprise itself in advancing to adapt to the global market competition.
In environmental protection, the company adhere to the "protect the environment, weightier than Mount Tai" concept,It has invested more than 40 million yuan to build a high standard waste water treatment station with capacity of 4000 cubic meters per day,In strict accordance with the "energy saving, carbon reduction, environmental protection" requirements, the company fully implement pollution prevention to ensure the safety and health of employees and maximize the social responsibility of enterprises.It firmly follows the "resource-saving and environment-friendly" new leather industry development road to strive to become "domestic first-class, internationally renowned leather enterprises" magnificent vision.